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All type of Danfoss EBI Transformer are available in Mumbai, India (On Demand)

Danfoss EBI4 Series
Danfoss EBI4 C Series
Danfoss EBI4 HP Series
Danfoss EBI4 LP Series



 Danfoss EBI Transformer in Mumbai



YASH HITECH SYSTEMS offers you fully high quality Danfoss EBI Transformer in India. We are one of the best Danfoss Transformer supplier in India. All type of Danfoss EBI  Transformers are available in Mumbai, India. Danfoss EBI Transformer are used in different industries and ensure high durability.

Very well known Danfoss EBI transformer series are EBI4, EBI4 C, EBI4 HP and EBI4 LP

The EBI4 series is a new generation of environmentally friendly ignition units for small and medium size oil and gas burners. The EBI4 series is setting new standards within modern ignition units for oil and gas burners.

EBI is available in three types:
1-pole primarily for gas burners
2-pole standard for oil burners
2-pole with earth connected centre for oil burners where there is a need for extra security against shock hazard.

Danfoss EBI transformer EBI4, EBI4M, EBI41P, EBI4CM, EBI4C1P, EBI4HPM, EBI4HP1P, EBI4LP, EBI4LPM and EBI4LP1P available in India.

  Danfoss EBI4 Transformer Series:


Type of EBI4 Transformers

Transformer EBI4
Transformer EBI4 M
Transformer EBI4 1P








Danfoss EBI4 C Transformer Series:


Type of EBI4 C Transformers

Transformer EBI4 CM
Transformer EBI4 C1P


  Danfoss EBI4 HP Transformer Series:


Type of EBI4 HP Transformers

Transformer EBI4 HPM
Transformer EBI4 HP1P




  Danfoss EBI4 LP Transformer Series :


Type of EBI4 LP Transformers

Transformer EBI4 LP
Transformer EBI4 LPM
Transformer EBI4 LP1P




  Danfoss EBI Accessories : 4x fixing screws,
2 spark plug wire with 4 mm plug length 500 mm, 2 x 4 mm dia plug electrodes, 2 x 6.35 mm electrode connector, 4 screws, adhesive pad and instructions




We are leading importers, distributors and stockists of COFI Transformers in India since 1996 - 97 (Yash Hitech Systems)

With the years of experience and knowledge, we are engaged in importing, trading, and supplying a wide array of Danfoss EBI Transformer. All these machines are well equipped and are highly demanded by our customers. Advanced technologies and latest equipments are used while manufacturing these items. Our ranges of products are obtainable at affordable rates. They are recognized for their special features like durability, precise dimension, corrosion resistance and sturdy construction. These are made in difference shapes and sizes in order to meet market demands and client's specifications.

We have offer to Danfoss make Nozzles up to 35 GPH, Oil pump, BFP, RS series, Photo cell, DANFOSS LDS BHO061/64 Photo cell 57H7085, 57H7285, 57H7081, BHO 64 Long Purge 240V OBC82.10 057H8102 (05H7036) Control Box, pressure switch for stem oil and air, Ignition transformer for Gas burenr, etc. Danfoss gas burner Transformers. Here we offer danfoss make gas burner Transformer Danfoss Modal : DANFOSS EBI SERVICE KIT MOUNTING SET, DANFOSS IGNITOR EBI4 1P, DANFOSS IGNITOR EBI4, DANFOSS IGNITOR EBI 4 M S , DANFOSS IGNITOR LEAD 250MM FOR EBI, DANFOSS IGNITOR LEAD 630MM FOR EBI

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Transformer collection | Danfoss Transformer collection : DANFOSS ignition unit for oil & gas burners/boilers: 
Danfoss 1 pole primarily for gas burners, Danfoss 2 pole standard for oil burners , Danfoss 2 pole with earth connected centre for oil burners, Two pole transformers. Single pole transformers. Two pole and Single pole transformers with 100 percent ED. 4 wire transformers for simultaneous ignition and flame monitoring. Transformers with 110 Volts, primary supply. High temperature silicone ignition cables up to 180 deg. C in 7 mm and 5 mm diameters. Danfoss transformer tool kit.

Transformer EB14 DANFOSS, Danfoss ebi transformer 240v 052f4031, DANFOSS EBI TRANSFORMER LEAD, Danfoss Ebi4 ignition Transformer, Transformer Conversion Kit 2 Pole DANFOSS, Danfoss EBI Transformer D01-052F4030, Danfoss plug and lead for EBI.


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