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EBI Service Kit for easy replacement of a conventional ignition transformer to an electronic ignition.
4x fixing screws
2 spark plug wire with 4 mm plug length 500 mm
2 x 4 mm dia plug electrodes
2 x 6.35 mm electrode connector
4 screws, adhesive pad and instructions


All type of Danfoss EBI Transformer are available in Mumbai, India (On Demand)

  Danfoss EBI4 LP Transformer Series :


Type of EBI4 LP Transformers

Transformer EBI4 LP
Transformer EBI4 LPM
Transformer EBI4 LP1P





The EBI4 LP series is electronic ignition units for intermittent ignition between 2 electrodes or 1 electrode and frame in small size oil or gas burners. Low weight and small dimensions, due to high frequency operation, makes the EBI4 LP series  very suitable for use in modern compact burners.
Connections with a plug on the primary side and bushes on the secondary side make installation and service quick and simple.


EBI4LP Transformer Applications and Features :

1- or 2-pole ignition
Low power consumption due to high efficiency (new technology)
Complies with the RoHs and WEEE directives
EMC according to EN 55014-1 and
EN 55014-2
Earth connection through the primary cable
Same dimensions and flexible mounting as the well-known EBI standard series



Transformer EBI4 LP

Oil/gas burners
2-pole ignition
33% ED at 60C
Top connection for secondary cables
230 V


Transformer EBI4 LPM

Oil/gas burners
2-pole ignition
Secondary mid-point connected to earth/frame
33% ED at 60C
Top connection for secondary cables
230 V


Transformer EBI4 LP1P

Gas burners
1-pole ignition between 1 electrode and frame
33% ED at 60C
Top or front connection for secondary cables
230 V


Danfoss Transformer EBI4LP, EBI4LPM and EBI4LP1P Technical Data



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