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All type of Danfoss products are available in Mumbai, India (On Demand)



Danfoss Oil Nozzles:


Type of oil nozzles

Danfoss Nozzles "OD" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "HR/SR" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "HFD/HD/SD" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "LE" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "LN" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "LN-LE" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "EH/ES" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "KH" Series 

Danfoss Nozzle is individually tested
Each nozzle is tested at several different production stages to assure perfect conformity with master nozzles of each series. Danfoss Nozzles are tested 100% in test oil for keeping the tolerances permitted. Beyond this, the atomizing patterns are tested visually for regularity and atomizing faults, if any.


All Danfoss Oil Nozzles are extremely precise and meet the requirements of the actual EN-norm of a capacity tolerance of ?4%


Nozzles spray angle

The flow (in USGPH at 100 PSI = 6.895 bar)

Letters to identify the series of spray patterns

The Danfoss Trademark

Danfoss Oil Nozzles production code


View Chart of Danfoss Nozzles

Conversion table for  Danfoss oil nozzles

Danfoss oil nozzles Design Chart

Danfoss oil nozzles technical data Chart

Danfoss oil nozzles Dimensions chart

Danfoss Nozzle Spray Angles chart
Danfoss Nozzle Capacities chart


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 Danfoss nozzles, oil pumps, burner controller, photo cells and preheaters  available in Mumbai



Danfoss Nozzles
Danfoss Oil Pumps
Danfoss Burner Controller
Danfoss Photo Units
Danfoss Oil Preheaters


Yash Hitech System is the one of the leading importer, distributor and stockies of danfoss products since 1996-97.  We have more than 30 years of experience in this relevant field of heating & combustion.


Oil Burner Nozzles | Danfoss Oil Nozzles Collection : AR Special Solid MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), BPS By-Passing Nozzles, C-169-WA Nozzle, C-202 Air Operated Nozzle, C-206 Air Operated Nozzle, CC Conctant Capacity MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), D-41 Industrial Oil Nozzle, D-41-HO Industrial Oil Nozzle, E179-H / E-180-H Variable Flow Nozzles, F-94 High Velocity Spinning Nozzle (box of 12), HO Heavy Oil MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), HV High Velocity MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), NS Hollow MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), PL Hollow MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), PLP Semi Solid MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), R Solid MTD Oil Burner Nozzle (box of 12), Industrial Nozzles and oil Nozzles.

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