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All Danfoss EBI Accessories In India

EBI Service Kit for easy replacement of a conventional ignition transformer to an electronic ignition.
4x fixing screws
2 spark plug wire with 4 mm plug length 500 mm
2 x 4 mm dia plug electrodes
2 x 6.35 mm electrode connector
4 screws, adhesive pad and instructions


Danfoss Transformer

Danfoss EBI4 Transformer Series
Danfoss EBI4 C Transformer Series
Danfoss EBI4 HP Transformer Series
Danfoss EBI4 LP Transformer Series


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All type of Danfoss products are available in Mumbai, India (On Demand)


 Danfoss nozzles, oil pumps, burner controller, photo cells and preheaters  available in Mumbai

Danfoss Nozzles
Danfoss Oil Pumps
Danfoss Burner Controller
Danfoss Photo Units
Danfoss Oil Preheaters



Danfoss Oil Nozzles:


Type of oil nozzles

Danfoss Nozzles "OD" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "HR/SR" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "HFD/HD/SD" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "LE" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "LN" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "LN-LE" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "EH/ES" Series
Danfoss Nozzles "KH" Series








Danfoss Oil Pumps:


Type of oil pumps

Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 11
Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 20/21
Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 21 LE/LE-S
Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 41
Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFP 52
Danfoss Oil Pumps series BFPH
Danfoss Oil Pumps series RSA
Danfoss Oil Pumps series RSH




  Danfoss Burner Controller:


Type oil burner controller

Oil Burner Control OBC 81A.12
Oil Burner Control OBC 82.10
Oil Burner Control OBC 82.11
Oil Burner Control OBC 82A.12
Oil Burner Control OBC 84.10
Oil Burner Control OBC 85B.10
Oil Burner Controls OBC 81.10
Oil Burner Controls OBC 81A.10




  Danfoss Photo Units:


Type of photo Units

LD Photo Units
LDS Photo Units
UV Photo Units




  Danfoss Oil Preheaters:


Type oil preheaters

FPHB 3/5




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