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EBI Service Kit for easy replacement of a conventional ignition transformer to an electronic ignition.
4x fixing screws
2 spark plug wire with 4 mm plug length 500 mm
2 x 4 mm dia plug electrodes
2 x ? 6.35 mm electrode connector
4 screws, adhesive pad and instructions


All type of Danfoss EBI Transformer are available in Mumbai, India (On Demand)


 Danfoss EBI Transformer in Mumbai

Danfoss EBI4 Series
Danfoss EBI4 C Series
Danfoss EBI4 HP Series
Danfoss EBI4 LP Series

  Danfoss EBI4 Transformer Series:


Type of EBI4 Transformers

Transformer EBI4
Transformer EBI4 M
Transformer EBI4 1P








Danfoss EBI4 C Transformer Series:


Type of EBI4 C Transformers

Transformer EBI4 CM
Transformer EBI4 C1P


  Danfoss EBI4 HP Transformer Series:


Type of EBI4 HP Transformers

Transformer EBI4 HPM
Transformer EBI4 HP1P




  Danfoss EBI4 LP Transformer Series :


Type of EBI4 LP Transformers

Transformer EBI4 LP
Transformer EBI4 LPM
Transformer EBI4 LP1P





Danfoss EBI transformer : EBI4, EBI4M, EBI41P, EBI4CM, EBI4C1P, EBI4HPM, EBI4HP1P, EBI4LP, EBI4LPM and EBI4LP1P available in India.

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Transformer collection | Danfoss Transformer collection : DANFOSS ignition unit for oil & gas burners/boilers: 
Danfoss 1 pole primarily for gas burners, Danfoss 2 pole standard for oil burners , Danfoss 2 pole with earth connected centre for oil burners, Two pole transformers. Single pole transformers. Two pole and Single pole transformers with 100 percent ED. 4 wire transformers for simultaneous ignition and flame monitoring. Transformers with 110 Volts, primary supply. High temperature silicone ignition cables up to 180 deg. C in 7 mm and 5 mm diameters. Danfoss transformer tool kit.

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